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Offering a unique blend of solid theoretical content and student accessibility, this text stands apart with its emphasis on intriguing applications that convey the prevalence of economics in everyday life. By applying economics to phenomenon that students are familiar with and interested in, this book demonstrates like no other text how economic analysis can be applied to virtually anything of interest, thus helping students develop true economic intuition. Additional student-oriented features include a unique active-learning format, an emphasis on developing economic analysis skills, and an outstanding visual program for exhibits and graphs. Content highlights include balanced presentation of major macro theories; a micro presentation that centers around the trilogy of objectives, constraints, and choices; thorough integration of international topics; and fully-integrated Internet features that offer hands-on exercises foe exploring economics on-line. Macroeconomics, 5e is also available in a micro split and both micro/macro are in the principles text.

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Macroeconomics E5 SG

Authors: Bill Robinson, Roger R. Arnold

ISBN: 0324017499

ISBN 13: 9780324017496

Publication Date: September 28, 2000

Publisher: South-Western

Format: Paperback

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