Soap Box

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This book collects the witty, irreverent essays and musings of one of America's foremost pop culture critics. Almost twenty years' worth of columns, concerning a whole range of topics -- from music to art, politics to food -- come alive in this survey of the insightful and hip writings of Glenn O'Brien. As a journalist and writer, O'Brien has worked on projects with Warhol and Madonna, and written for a host of magazines. Whether writing about the Stock Market or the punk group the Dead Kennedys. O'Brien brings to his eclectic taste both unflagging insight and an ample dose of humor.

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Soap Box

Author: Glenn O'Brien

ISBN: 9072191870

ISBN 13: 9789072191878

Publication Date: January 01, 1998

Publisher: Imschoot

Pages: 215

Format: Paperback

3.93 of 14

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