It's Hot and Cold in Miami

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Rachel has theories about a lot of things - how she ended up
with humongous beaver teeth, why tourists who visit Miami
wear such ugly clothes, and why her father loves her identical
twin sister, Rebecca, the most. Still, there are many things in
Rachel's life that even her best theories can't really explain.
Why, for instance, does her grandmother insist on feeding her
honey cake every Sunday, when everyone knows it tastes
disgusting? Why did Rachel end up with the most ancient fifthgrade
teacher in the school, a woman with amoeba-shaped
stains under her arms? And why is Rachel always in trouble,
unlike Rebecca?
In humor-filled prose and pictures, Nicole Rubel introduces us
to a remarkably off-the-wall family - a father who sells novelty
maracas for a living, a mother who is so gorgeous even
orangutans fall in love with her, a sister who is a perfect genius,
and scattered Rachel - struggling to find her unique talent and

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It's Hot and Cold in Miami

Author: Nicole Rubel

ISBN: 0374336113

ISBN 13: 9780374336110

Publication Date: April 18, 2006

Publisher: Farrar Straus Giroux

Pages: 202

Format: Hardcover

3.69 of 16

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