The Six

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Real Women's work is never done. If you want it done right send these gals! Unstoppable Horde. Reluctant Heroes. A Dark Army. Never Send a Man to do a Woman's Job. Naomi had found peace in a quiet little village. No one bothered her and she bothered no one. A series of unfortunate events brings her past back to haunt her in a big way It means an even bigger problem for the people of the village. A group of barmaids with a secret are revealed by a twist of fate. They have no choice but to act decisively and help the cause. Will their skills and prowess make the difference when the impending disaster hits? When a seemingly unstoppable force reigns down on the day to day life of simple, innocent people a much bigger problem will be accidentally instigated. True Evil will be revealed and a world that has been at uneasy peace for eons will fall back into darkness and war. The Six is a serial fantasy novel that features fast-paced action, a bit of horror, a few laughs, and some strange romance. Author David Ulnar-Slew is redefining fantasy with an ensemble piece like no other. - Fantasy Novels - Epic Fantasy Series - Dystopian Fantasy - Sword and Sorcery Fantasy Books - Horror Fantasy Books - Ensemble Fantasy - Fantasy for Kindle

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The Six

Authors: David Ulnar Slew, John David Rose

ISBN: 1543287891

ISBN 13: 9781543287899

Publication Date: February 22, 2017

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Pages: 288

Format: Paperback

4.33 of 3

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