The Stories of Richard Bausch

the stories of richard bausch, the selected stories of richard bausch

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A 2004 PEN/Malamud Award winner, this collection celebrates the work of American artist Richard Bausch -- a writer the New York Times calls "a master of the short story." By turns tender, raw, heartbreaking, and riotously funny, the many voices of this definitive forty-two-story collection (seven of which appear here for the first time) defy expectation, attest to Bausch's remarkable range and versatility, and affirm his place alongside such acclaimed story writers as John Cheever, Flannery O'Connor, Raymond Carver, and Grace Paley.

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The Stories of Richard Bausch

Author: Richard Bausch

ISBN: 0060956224

ISBN 13: 9780060956226

Publication Date: November 09, 2004

Publisher: Harper Perennial

Pages: 672

Format: Paperback

4.21 of 450

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