Girls Next Door

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Sometimes the most intriguing girls are right next door—BFFs, ex-girlfriends, new girls in town, party girls, study mates, team mates, and sexy strangers. All it takes is a night out, the right moment, or an accidental kiss to discover what's been there all along—the perfect girl for a love that lasts a lifetime. Best-selling romance authors tell it from the heart—sexy, romantic stories of falling for the girls next door.

1. Cupcake by Georgia Beers
2. Guilty Pleasure by M. Ullrich
3. Hooper Street by Anna Larner
4. Snow Day by Missouri Vaun
5. Knocking on Haven’s Door by Brey Willows
6. Gold by Giselle Renarde
7. Love Unleashed by Karis Walsh
8. Bat Girl by Laney Webber
9. The Aisle of Lesbos by Allison Wonderland
10. Kiss Cam by Lisa Moreau
11. The Girl Next Door by Beth Burnett
12. October Moon by Sheri Lewis Wohl
13. Chemistry by Lea Daley
14. Black Out by Ronica Black
15. Dog Day of Summer by Kris Bryant
16. The Perfect Blend by Rion Woolf
17. Welcome to the Neighborhood by Aurora Rey
18. Neighbors by Elizabeth Black
19. Black Sheep by Nell Stark

Genres: Anthologies / Romance

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Girls Next Door

Authors: Sandy Lowe, Stacia Seaman, Georgia Beers, M. Ullrich, Anna Larner, Missouri Vaun, Brey Willows, Giselle Renarde, Karis Walsh, Laney Webber, Allison Wonderland, Lisa Moreau, Beth Burnett, Sheri Lewis Wohl, Lea Daley, Ronica Black, Kris Bryant, Rion Woolf, Aurora Rey, Elizabeth Black, Nell Stark

ISBN: 1626399166

ISBN 13: 9781626399167

Publication Date: June 20, 2017

Publisher: Bold Strokes Books

Pages: 240

Format: Paperback

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