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This volume contains all the poetic work of Charlotte Mew, one of the most gifted and original of the Georgian poets, who perished by her own hand in 1928. A new biographical and critical memoir by her close friend, Mrs. Harold Monro of the Poetry Bookshop, introduces the volume, in which the contents of both The Farmer's Bride (1916) and The Rambling Sailor (1929) are reprinted, together with a portrait frontispiece and manuscript example.
Charlotte Mew's dislike of publicity was extreme and her defiant reserve placed every obstacle in the way of t those who sought friendship with her. She wrote sometimes in the person of a man: her preoccupation with death and disaster, both physical and spiritual, was intense ad continuous; yet it is not difficult for us now to see how she touches greatness, and it is hoped that this definitive edition of her work will secure more general recognition of her strange, tormented genius.

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Collected Poems

Authors: Charlotte Mew, Alida Monro

Publication Date: 1953

Publisher: Unwin Brothers Ltd.

Pages: 79

Format: Hardcover

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