The Elementals

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On a split of land cut off by the Gulf, three Victorian summer houses stand against the encroaching sand. Two of the houses at Beldame are still used. The third house, filling with sand, is empty...except for the vicious horror which is shaping nightmares from the nothingness that hangs in the dank, fetid air.

The McCrays and Savages, two fine Mobile families allied by marriage, have been coming to Beldame for years. This summer, with a terrible funeral behind them and a messy divorce coming up, even Luker McCray and little India down from New York are looking forward to being alone at Beldame.

But they won't be alone. For something there, something they don't like to think about, is thinking about them...and about all the ways to make them die.

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The Elementals

Author: Michael McDowell

ISBN: 0380783606

ISBN 13: 9780380783601

Publication Date: October 01, 1981

Publisher: Avon Books

Pages: 292

Format: Paperback

4.04 of 4,030

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