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Hardback, revised, expanded, illustrated edition of Martin Noble's classic adaptation of the screenplay by Alan Shearman, Ron House and Diz White. England is in a spot of bother and only Bullshot Crummond can save the day!

As the rounds of shooting, fishing and consuming innumerable kippers in nightclubs begin to pall, Captain Hugh 'Bullshot' Crummond casts his fertile, restless mind longingly back to darker, more dangerous days when, in the skies over France, he came face to face with his arch-enemy, Count Otto von Brunno, the abominable Black Baron of Blitzburg.

'English humour at its very best' - Bengt

'Bulldog Drummond and Boys' Own meet Monty Python and P.G. Wodehouse' - Absolute Almanac

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Authors: Martin Noble, Alan Shearman, Diz and House Ron White

ISBN: 1910301272

ISBN 13: 9781910301272

Publication Date: December 01, 2016

Publisher: Aesop Publications

Pages: 254

Format: Hardcover

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