Less than Perfect (Jack Grant Trilogy, #1)

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Jack Grant knew exactly what he wanted. A successful businessman with little time or patience for dating, a membership to Perfect Events suited his lifestyle perfectly.

Thirty-two carefully selected criteria ensured his dates were a match for his very particular taste. Hair color, height, weight, education—every last detail—down to their considerable cup size, was meticulously selected. He’d bedded some of the most beautiful women in the world since becoming a member of the elite dating club.

All of his wants were met.
Yet none of his needs.

He’d been in love once, nine years ago. And once was enough. Sticking to arranged dating through the service was the perfect solution. And it worked. Until one day he opened a door he had never planned to. The one to his heart.

This novella is Part I of a three part series that will unfold over eight weeks. Look for Part II coming in March 2015

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Less than Perfect (Jack Grant Trilogy, #1)

Author: Dylan Scott

Format: ebook

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