The Pit

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Can even love conquer when two people are carrying so much personal baggage?
Dana Sinclair has had a hard life. She grew up with a driving need to prove herself to the world. Brought up in the buckle of the Bible Belt, she was taught all her life that the feelings that she had were a disease, something you hid and never acted on.
Her work as a writer goes largely unnoticed as she does a variety of soul-sucking jobs and goes through a number of unsuccessful relationships.
Now Dana is one of the most successful science fiction writers in the world, with her books being adapted into screen plays and winning every major award in the field. But she is far from having it all, as she is haunted by the ghosts of her past.
Michelle has lied to herself and everyone else her whole life. But when she meets Dana at a book signing, she finds she has to deal with feelings she has always kept carefully locked up.
The Pit is a story about growing and changing—about forgiving your past and accepting the present.

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The Pit

Author: Selina Rosen

Publication Date: June 15, 2014

Publisher: Yard Dog Press

Pages: 288

Format: Kindle Edition

3.79 of 53

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