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FBI agent Sam Perkins races against time to crack a dangerous drug and human smuggling cartel--one involving both Russians and Chinese. Matters become more complicated when a key witness is killed by a sniper, who Perkins believes was tipped off by an FBI leak. Meanwhile, the agent discovers an international freighter heading to the U.S. with potentially lethal cargo. When retired CIA agent Jonathan Corrigan steps in to help his friend, he's quickly captured--adding to Perkins's burden. Can he uncover the truth behind the shipment, knowing that he may be all that stands in the way of catastrophe?

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Author: Andrew Snaden

ISBN: 1593101457

ISBN 13: 9781593101459

Publication Date: December 31, 2004

Publisher: Barbour Publishing

Pages: 375

Format: Paperback

3.32 of 22

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