Best Lesbian Romance 2009

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Who says romance is dead? Certainly not the authors of these powerful stories of lesbians in love — and sometimes in lust. Best Lesbian Romance 2009, edited by the award-winning author of such books as When Dreams Tremble and Turn Back Time, presents the juiciest, most seductive love stories written today. Putting a new spin on the subject, these stories explore the underlying emotions and complex relationships that help define love between women. From a shy glance across a crowded room, to a casual meeting at a dinner party, to an accidental encounter on a street corner, this collection of romantic interludes showcases the many ways love can be both lost and found. Contributors include Jennifer Fulton, Karin Kallmaker, Radclyffe, Rakelle Valencia, and Alison Tyler.

Femme Fatale: 1992 by Kathie Bergquist
Christmas Blizzard by Teresa Noelle Roberts
The Usual by KI Thompson
Last Call by Karin Kallmaker
Finding my Feet by Shanna Germain
In Flight by Andrea Dale
Krispin by Rakelle Valencia
Eyes by Maggie Kinsella
Hide by Alison Tyler
Unbuttoning by Kay Jaybee
Sand Castle Queen by Rachel Kramer Bussel
Cuts by Shannon Dargue
Absinthe by Jennifer Fulton
In Your Pocket by Evan Mora
Purple Thumb by Catherine Lundoff
A Ghost of a Chance by Ariel Graham
The Traveler by Olivia Presley
Sugar on Snow by Sacchi Green
Melange by Allison Wonderland
Place, Park, Scene, Dark by Elspeth Potter
Music on the Wind by Radclyffe

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