Crisis on Infinite Earths

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Worlds lived. Worlds died. And the DC Universe was never the same.

In 1985, DC Comics dramatically altered comics' original universe with Crisis on Infinite Earths, a 12-issue series that rocked the comics community, tragically dooming some of DC's most beloved characters and drastically altering others. An unforgettable and defining event in comics history, Crisis was arguably the first companywide crossover to make good on its promise of lasting change.

Written by Marv Wolfman and pencilled by George Pérez, with inks by Dick Giordano, Jerry Ordway, and Mike DeCarlo, Crisis on Infinite Earths finds the alternate worlds that once were a hallmark of the DC Universe under siege by a mysterious force powerful enough to wipe out the lives of billions.

Painstakingly restored and meticulously recolored, Crisis on Infinite Earths is at last available as a handsome and affordable softcover collection.

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Crisis on Infinite Earths

Authors: Marv Wolfman, George Pérez

ISBN: 1563897504

ISBN 13: 9781563897504

Publication Date: January 01, 2001

Publisher: DC Comics

Pages: 368

Format: Paperback

4.01 of 14,001

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