A Sharply Struck E7

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Committing to Rock and Roll means committing to rage, rebellion and excess. For Rock guitarist Moss, these concepts have become his marrow. To some, he is unmatched in electrifying an audience. To others, Moss would be better off if he electrocuted himself plugging in his guitar. Moss himself would agree with both sentiments. His nights are punk-blues ranting, jamming and partying with his band. His days are spent traversing a dark, dirty, big Midwestern city. His guitar on his back, he comments with gusto on the absurdity of how life on the edge somehow coexists with normalcy. On his walks, he learns from and interacts with misfits and conformists who either love him or hate him. Spirits embrace, spirits clash. Through it all Moss must decide if he can continue to rely on fate opening doors for him, or if fate has already abandoned him to rely on himself only - a sketchy proposition, at best.
Wild, sardonic and intensely vivid, E7 electrifies the reader. This is a book for a reader who demands that life is to be lived on his or her own terms. A book that proclaims we are all brilliant, that we are all ridiculous, that we are all required to believe in something that feeds our soul. Even if that something might eventually forge our doom.
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A Sharply Struck E7

Author: Selkirk Doon

Publication Date: September 13, 2012

Pages: 84

Format: ebook

4.50 of 4

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