The Hornet's Nest

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The Barnes & Noble Review
Former president and Nobel Peace Prize winner Jimmy Carter presents a novel of the Revolutionary War that emphasizes the role of the South in the battle for America's independence. With a multitude of previous nonfiction works, ranging in topics from the Middle East conflict (The Blood of Abraham) to the workings of democracy (A Government as Good as Its People), Carter uses his political understanding to bring this well-researched tale to fascinating life.

When newlyweds Ethan and Epsey Pratt move from Philadelphia to a settlement in Georgia, they find themselves drawn into the war despite all their best efforts. Side by side with their Quaker neighbors Kindred and Mavis Morris, the Pratts are forced to take up arms against the British, as the world around them is bitterly changed forever.

With a discerning eye and a commitment to historical accuracy, Carter provides a unique view of the American Revolution by presenting lesser-known aspects of the conflict -- including the shameful way everyone involved tried to manipulate and control the Indian tribes. Despite a huge cast of characters and an extremely detailed and complex narrative, Carter keeps the story rooted in the personalities of common folks faced with extraordinary difficulties. The Hornet's Nest is a vivid, compelling, and original fiction debut from one of our most noted history makers. Tom Piccirilli

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The Hornet's Nest

Author: Jimmy Carter

ISBN: 0743263332

ISBN 13: 9780743263337

Publication Date: October 04, 2004

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Pages: 480

Format: Paperback

3.19 of 663

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